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What we do

Water Bore Drilling

We are your water bore drilling specialists with excellent technical experience delivering prompt, professional and quality drilling services for governments, businesses, farmers and villages.

Geotechnical Drilling

A high level of expertise is critical when it comes to geotechnical drilling. We offer N, H or PQ sizing, we can carry out SPT or push tubes, undisturbed and disturbed drilling samples, our experienced team ensures the delivery of quality sampling presentation and excellent recovery rates in whatever the formations we encounter.

Environmental Drilling

Environmental drilling is commonly used to determine contamination in soil or groundwater. To provide accurate sample integrity and eliminate the possibility of cross- contamination between sampling locations, the use of clean, non-contaminated above and belowground equipment is assured.

Heliportable Drilling

Remote sites are our specialty. Don’t let harsh terrain delay your project. We can offer our specialised machines and equipment to carry out geotechnical investigations in the most remote areas.

Who We Are

“It may be a new look, but we will still be offering the same reliable service to our clients. We know PNG, the conditions, the culture – and we know how to deliver the services our clients need”

The new owner, Anitua Radial Drilling Services (ARDS), brings a range of benefits to Central Drillers. There are synergies between the two businesses with the sharing of finance, administration, and marketing staff, in addition to mechanical advice. ARDS brings additional expertise by way of policies, procedures, business experience, and safety input.

Our Projects

Working with some of the largest companies in PNG

We Know PNG