It’s more than removing hazards. It’s a culture of safety. How we think, work and live – every minute of every day.


Drilling can be a dangerous business. Central Drillers believes that the health and safety of its employees is of prime importance to the success of its operations. The company is committed to conduct its operations in a safe and productive manner that will not hurt people or endanger their life. The Company embraces the principals that zero accidents are a key management objective.

Central Drillers is proud of its safety culture and as such, we have mechanisms that enable all employees to communicate, engage at all levels and develop their skills. We have a proactive culture around identifying hazards and unsafe practices resulting in the implementation of sound risk management practices. All incidents are investigated in a timely manner and the learning’s gathered are communicated back to the workforce to prevent recurrences.

Every procedure is carried out in accordance with the company’s Safety Health Environment & Community management system (SHEC), a set of guidelines and policies designed to ensure the wellbeing of all personnel.

A learning culture that supports excellence.


We’re committed to the ongoing training and the professional development of our people. What we want most is to see our people grow with a clear career path in a supportive work environment. We offer internal and external training programs providing real opportunities to continuously up-skill and provide qualifications for specific roles.