We deliver in the most demanding of environments

Central Drillers Papua New Guinea (PNG) specialises in water bore, geotechnical and environmental drilling. The Company was established in 1995 in Port Moresby and has successfully completed hundreds of drilling projects throughout the country including: town and village water supply drilling, industrial and irrigation drilling, major oil and gas refinery geotechnical investigations, environmental drilling, remediation works and over water geotechnical projects.

Central Drillers has gained a reputation for taking on the difficult and remote projects and have adapted their drilling methods to suit whatever varied strata encountered. They are also involved in the design of screens and casing to suit any bore applications, along with construction site core drilling, engineering testing and soil sampling for clients across PNG.


We are your water bore drilling specialists with excellent technical experience delivering prompt, professional and quality drilling services for governments, businesses, farmers and villages.

We offer the highest quality bore-wells to suit your requirements, adhering to industry standards to ensure a quality job. Installation of wells are constructed with the highest quality materials, meeting the Australian standards. We can provide PVC or steel casing in all various sizes. Once the well has been constructed, we carry out extensive pump testing to provide clients with accurate flow rates, ensuring the correct design of the well and pump installations.


A high level of expertise is critical when it comes to geotechnical drilling.

We offer N, H or PQ sizing, we can carry out SPT or push tubes, undisturbed and disturbed drilling samples, our experienced team ensures the delivery of quality sampling presentation and excellent recovery rates in whatever the formations we encounter.

Quality of soil samples is crucial in geotechnical drilling and recovery, demanding a high level of expertise and precision. Data collected during drilling needs to be accurate because it influences decision making and budget considerations.

Our installation of in-situ geotechnical instruments, such as piezometers, inclinometers and extensometers ensure accuracy without wasting valuable time. A full range of overburden testing equipment is also available with capabilities such as coring and testing on holes up to PQ size to a depth of 250 meters.

Our geotechnical applications typically include infrastructure developments such as:

Processing plants and buildings (e.g. LNG, mine sites)

Service roads, jetties and wharfs

Construction and upgrade of major bridges and roads

Construction and upgrade of water supply and tailings dams


Environmental drilling is commonly used to determine contamination in soil or groundwater. To provide accurate sample integrity and eliminate the possibility of cross- contamination between sampling locations, the use of clean, non-contaminated above and belowground equipment is assured.

We use the latest technology and machinery to ensure we leave minimal impact on the environment. We can develop any methodology the client may require, whether it be mud rotary, auger or air drilling – no job is too big or to small.

Our operational advantage lies in providing affordable solutions to evaluate and resolve environmental risks associated with our client’s project sites.

Our team strives to ensure that despite site challenges, environmental impact is minimised in line with our own and our client’s policy. We value the environment and respect landowner, eco-sensitive and cultural sites. Our environmental impact control and management is unrivalled in our industry.


Remote sites are our specialty. Don’t let harsh terrain delay your project.

We can offer our specialised machines and equipment to carry out geotechnical investigations in the most remote areas. Light weight rigs with easy slingable loads allow us to deliver a productive outcome and keep our client’s projects on track.